Why Get Handmade Candles Over Regular Candles?

Do you know why artisans and artists love creating something from scratch? Well, aside from being able to make money out of something that they love, it’s also the satisfaction of knowing that they’re creating something that other people love too!

Scented candles are all the rage these days, making it only natural for the big-time companies to jump in on the trend and start selling handmade candles. After all, if you don’t keep up you might stand to lose out.

But, before you go out and pick the candle you want off of the store shelf, you may want to read on below as to why it would be a better idea for you to buy handmade candles instead.

1. You Support Someone’s Dream

Buying handmade and local products allows you to contribute to someone’s livelihood, as opposed to your purchases going to a big corporation. Also, when you buy from artisans and artists, you help to support their dream by helping them make a profit and by also motivating them that what they love doing is a legitimate business.

2. Quality That You Can Trust

Because artisans and artists take a lot of pride in their work, they won’t shortchange you in materials or quality of work. They put in the time, money, and effort to make sure that you get your money’s worth, which is way different from the mass-produced items you see on store shelves.

3. Great for the Environment

Since they were made by human hands and not by machine, you know that the ingredients used were safe for humans to use. This mostly means that the candle is made out of natural and organically sourced materials with little to zero chemicals used.

4. Customized to your Liking

The thing with working with local artisans and artists is that they’re easy to work with. This is especially true when it comes to handmade candles in Singapore.

For example, the artist can change the color, scent, and text however you want it. If you want something customized specifically for your home, they can do that! They can also make candles that are perfect gifts for birthdays, weddings, baptismal ceremonies, and so on.

5. It’s Thoughtful

Handmade products make for the best gifts ever and that group of gifts include handmade candles as well. By buying the handmade product, you make it look like that you put a lot of thought into buying the gift because of how unique it looks. This makes your gift a lot more memorable. In fact, don’t be surprised if everyone starts asking you where you got the handmade candles from!

Buying handmade products is all about supporting the small-time players – the artists and artists who would have moved on to working a conventional job because no one was supporting them anymore.

If you remember that when you’re shopping for a scented candle while you’re out and about, then it’ll be easier for you to understand why it makes sense to go handmade candles instead of buying it from a big retailer where your single purchase won’t really make that much of a difference.

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