Why You Need These 3 Tips To Run A Successful Hotel Kitchen

It’s almost impossible to imagine a hotel in Singapore without a restaurant. Like a car with a boot, restaurants play an important role in hotels. Not only do they constitute a significant portion of the customer experience, but they also double up as an excellent marketing platform.

But what exactly should your hotel kitchen be equipped with? To establish the essential catering supplies, you need to be clear on your menu, your volume, the space in your kitchen and the local codes or rules. Listed below are three tips to consider for a successful hotel kitchen.

Know your menu

From baked cheese tarts to the different types of Laksa, be clear on what your menu comprises of. Because different dishes may require different kitchen equipment, it is vital that you be sure to consider all mutual supplies such as fryers and food mixers into account. For this task, we recommend walking through the list of needed equipment with the chefs.

As soon as you familiarise yourself with the recipes, you can then proceed to shortlist the most suitable catering supplies in Singapore for the hotel.

Be clear on the available space

What’s the size of your kitchen? Do you have a layout plan? Getting the most suitable catering supplies is a process that begins from procurement and ends only after its installation.

Do you have sufficient space to accommodate more than one prep table? Can your design include a walk-in freezer? Do you have room for more than one cooler or ice cream machine?

After establishing the available space and the best layout, then you can be certain on staples, such as ovens and dishwashers and other fixtures such as sinks and shelves.

Speaking of space, take note of the maximum number of guests that the restaurant can accommodate. For instance, if the establishment is unable to host more than 20 guests, there will be little benefits to purchasing a humungous walk-in cooler. While it is difficult to predict the precise equipment that is needed, selecting the right size of appliances and catering supplies in Singapore will enable you to balance quality and turnaround time.

Stay on top of the local codes

All catering supplies should comply with the Guidelines on Food Safety Management for Food Service Establishment. This means all equipment and catering supplies such as mixers, food processors and ice cream making machines should bear the SPRING safety mark.  Also, do consider incorporating sanitisers into your catering supplies. When applied to equipment such as restaurant tables and food prep surfaces, sanitisers help you to operate within the safety and health codes.

Here’s the bottom line: common supplies that should be in every hotel are not just an outcome of what pops into your mind first. They should be the outcome of a calculated consideration of the above factors.

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