Why You Should Use Corporate Gifts For Your Branding Efforts

All companies need a business plan to succeed, and a successful business plan is never complete without a strong branding. Behind every strong branding is hours and efforts expended to perfecting marketing strategies. Often multi-faceted, it’s not unusual for businesses to use several marketing strategies for a single campaign, and often, one of these implemented approaches is corporate gifting!

Why purchase wholesale corporate gifts? Corporate gift-giving is a terrific way to boost brand awareness and attract potential customers. Staying at the forefront of your customers’ mind is vital; sending customised branded goods not only gives your company more exposure, but it also gives an opportunity to generate new sales leads. If you’re still deliberating whether to include corporate gifting into your marketing strategies, here are reasons that might just change your mind.

Internal & External Branding

Corporate gifts can be broadly categorised into internal and external branding. Internal branding is achieved by acquiring gifts to be given to staff within the company. It helps foster the common identity and build that family spirit and morale, increasing productivity.

That said, we believe that external branding is by far the most valuable corporate gift-giving between the two. Ultimately, businesses are built around customer support. Therefore, it is vital to send signature corporate gifts to customers to set your company apart and reinforce visual and brand identity. Successful businesses are built on relationships that are based on the service and through corporate gifts, these business can show that they provide more than the products they sell. Showing that you are willing to go the extra mile to value add to your clients’ experience will establish a good brand perception and relationship, which will only add to your return of investment (ROI).

Gifts Promote Your Identity

Promotional corporate gifts with the company’s logo are an excellent way to promote your product identity and spread goodwill. Regardless of the type of corporate gift your business has decided to give, your clients are sure to be happy and grateful. After all, who doesn’t like to receive gifts?In return, they will show their full interest in the company matters and attempt to keep good relations with the company. Whilst any gift can bring a smile to one’s face, your clients will be even more grateful if the gift is a practical one. So always bear this in mind while ordering your wholesale corporate gifts.

Some Common Examples of Corporate Gifts

  • Personalised Gifts

Personalised corporate gifts can be used as a gentle reminder of your company and the services that you offer, giving your clients that slight push to re-establish the relationship once again! Whenever possible, promotional or seasonal corporate gifts are best sent to thank customers for their business support.

Corporate gifts and souvenirs are also prudently employed to launch new companies at trade shows. The aim is to create a lasting company branding and target any possible new clients. One such gift idea would be getting a functional and practical product such as tote bags. Take a step further by engaging with a tote bag logo printing company in Singapore to have your company’s logo printed on one side.

Not only are they handy and pragmatic, tote bags are also portable – which means that whenever your client wears it out, they’re also inadvertently advertising your brand for you! Not only will you create lasting impressions on your clients, but you’ll also get to enjoy advertising (free, at that!)

  • Charity Gift

Sending gifts as donations to nonprofit organisations or charities is another option that people tend to overlook. The donation is not only tax deductible but also helpful in promoting the existence of the company! With the recent natural disasters and the COVID-19 global pandemic, more companies are coming forth with these gift donations.


There is a wide variety of wholesale corporate gifts that will suit your range and purpose. If you find some difficulty in choosing promotional corporate gifts products, let us help you in your hunt for the perfect corporate gifts! As one of Singapore’s leading whole corporate, we have helped numerous businesses to find the ideal gift to increase brand awareness and improve engagement marketing. If you wish to revel in the perks of corporate gifting, contact us today!

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