Why Your Kids Will Love Living In Tampines

Whenever someone mentions living in Tampines, what is likely to come to mind is its amazing connectivity, the abundance of educational facilities or the well laid out walking paths. Sometimes it is the parks and leisure facilities that surround Tampines that makes you think about how it’s ideal for a family set up.

Whatever thoughts come to mind, the extremely gorgeous condos of Treasure at Tampines offer a unique opportunity to indulge in this peaceful haven in Singapore’s East.

Here, we look into some child-friendly amenities that make Treasure at Tampines stand out as a wonderful area to raise your family.

The Bedok Reservoir Park

If you like the outdoors, a must-visit for residents of Treasure at Tampines is Bedok Reservoir Park.

You can take your kids bird watching and spot plenty of bird species including swallows, kingfishers, and herons. There’s also a variety of wetland plants and other wildlife to see and experience.

On the other hand, there’s plenty of fun stuff to do at the park including dragon boating, kayaking or even wakeboarding. It’s a must experience for anyone living at treasure at Tampines.

Much like Mayfair Gardens in Bukit Timah, you’ll be able to appreciate Singapore’s natural beauty just a few steps away from home!

Forest Adventure

It wouldn’t be fair to miss out on a wooden treasure in a town named after a specific tree. Tampines is named after the tough ironwood tree, also known as Tempinis or Sungei Tampenus. The forest adventure is yet another unique activity readily available for residents of Treasure at Tampines.

From the exhilarating zip lines across the trees to head-spinning Tarzan Swings and hair-raising wobbly rope bridges, the forest adventure is not just loads of fun for the kids, it’s also physically challenging and exhilarating.

Tampines Swimming Complex

Another perk for kids living at Treasure at Tampines is the multitude of public pools. Standing out of the variety is Tampines Swimming Complex, located at 505 Tampines Ave 5.

It has lots of fun water activities for the young ones, including spiraling waterslides, water playgrounds, lap pools, water gun challenge courses, and learner pools.


Kids love movies, and if you live in Tampines, you have not one, but two movie spots close to your home. You have the choice between Golden Village or Filmgarde Cineplex. Both present excellent picture and sound quality.

Catching the latest blockbusters is just a step away from your front door! If your child’s a teenager, you won’t have to worry about him or her going on late-night dates on the other side of the island, or somewhere near Belgravia Green in Ang Mo Kio.

Lastly the Tampines Regional Library

Apart from proximity to reputable educational institutions, Treasure at Tampines is close to the Tampines Regional Library. It’s a big hit for families that live in neighboring residential areas and you can explore the five floors with your kids and fish out amazing books, magazines, audio and video documentaries, magazines and many more.

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